Studio A

Basic Room                                    $195/hr. – $250/ minimum
Lock to Picture                               $320/hr. – $350/minimum
Skype / Source Connect:
     Basic Room                                $265/hr. – $350/minimum*
     Lock to Picture                          $365/hr. – $420/ minimum*
Single Camera HD Video Record per session     $225
Special Weekend Rate for Qualified Students:
                                                             $165/hr – $250 minimum

                              *plus applicable line charges

ADR Stage

ADR on-site                                              $350/hr. – $420 minimum
ADR Skype / Source Connect              $365/hr. – $450 minimum*

 *plus applicable line charges

Presence ADR Stage
Audio Edit B

Audio Edit B

Basic Room                                         $175/hr. – $250 minimum
Skype / Source Connect                  $265/hr. – $320 minimum*

                                         *plus applicable line charges

Edit C

Edit C Basic Room             $155.00/hr. – $250 minimum
Presence Edit C revised

Other Available Services

FTP  <35 mbps Upload / <100 mbps download     $45.00/ hr.
Analog Phone Patch     $45.00 / day
Reduntant Data Backup     $16.00
ADR setup     $195.00/hr
Redbook Audio CD/ DVD output     $25.00 ea.
Data output disc (DVD/ Flash/ CD)     $28.00 ea.
Steinway Piano Tuning     $150

Classic Outboard Gear & Musical Instruments

Neve 33609 Compressor     $50/day     $200/week
GML 8200 Parametric Equalizer     $75/day     $300/week
GML 8300 Microphone Preamp (4) Channels     $80/day   $320/week
Neuman M-149 Microphone     $45/day     $180/week
HiWatt 50W Guitar Amp Head     $75/day     $300/ week
Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Amplifier     $50/day     $200/week
Hohner Clavinet E-3     $125/day     $500/week
Hammond C3 organ w/ 122 Leslie     $150/day     $600/week
Yamaha DX-5 Synthesizer     $80/day     $320/week
Original Mini Moog Synthesizer     $100/day     $400/week
Oberheim OBXA Synthesizer     $100.00/day     $400/week