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About Us

Presence Studios was founded by composer / producer Jon Russell. Originally conceived as a private facility, Presence quickly gained recognition as one of the premier recording studios in New England. The studios have gone through three relocations and multiple technical updates over the past four decades as its client base has grown from local to regional, national and then international. As a result, in 1996 Presence Studios was inducted into the prestigious World Studio Group; a collection consisting of 30 of the finest Audio Recording Studios in the world.

Our current facility is appropriately named Presence Studios Suite 100. A modern multi-room facility located on a beautiful estate in Fairfield County Connecticut equipped with some of the most bleeding edge audio & video production technology.

“The primary focus of this newest facility” says owner Jon Russell “is to bring to our most discriminating clients a quality acoustic environment, the most professional equipment, knowledgeable staff and the latest in content media production and transfer protocols. Unlike many of today’s ‘recording studios’, which are more often than not renovated office spaces working with retail store-bought technology, Presence facilities have always been designed and constructed as professional recording studios; with our most recent two facilities being designed by the world renown Russ Berger Design Group. The result speaks for itself in the countless high profile film, television, media and music releases that have been recorded and / or mixed here”.

The Presence Studios business model has always been structured on the premise that in a World Class Studio, the expectations of acoustics and technology are a given; but it shouldn’t stop there. The grounds are completely private and the studio’s kitchen areas and restrooms are similar to that of a fine residential home. The facility is kept immaculately clean at all times as we truly care about client comfort; which we believe is one of the many reasons our repeat client list goes back to our founding in 1980.

Now, in 2023 Presence Studios has once again committed to a major capital investment as we incorporate our studios and staff into the Content Development world of modern media creation and delivery. With all that we have to offer as a facility, this decision is a natural progression into the growing need for high quality web deliverable media, both in pre produced form and live broadcast from our recently completed and online Broadcast Control – Edit B. The project was then  capped it off with the full technical interfacing of the property and studios to accommodate multi camera sets ranging from fireside chat rooms to beautiful drone and truck accessible exteriors to spacious state-of-the-art kitchens.

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