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ADR Stage

Our Studio A ADR Stage is regularly in use by A-list Film and Animation artists & directors for true real-time ADR recording live or offsite via Skype, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Session Link Pro or Source Connect data links.

Animation clients can simultaneously film artist performances in HD for expression logging and/or view the HD video performance along with uncompressed stereo audio live via direct streaming conference peer to peer communication applications at fiber optic speeds of 1 Gbps both up and  down. This process creates countless off-site viewing location options for producers and directors.  Visual Bars, Dialog and Audio cues are all integrated into a single system for maximum speed and efficiency.

Microphones include Sanken COS-11 Lavalier, Schoeps CMIT-5U Boom and Neuman U-87 distance processed through original GML 8300 Microphone preamplifiers.