Artist Development

Scene from client music video filmed by Presence Studios videographer Aaron Russell ©2013
Preparing an artist to compete in the global entertainment industry requires an immeasurable amount of experience, perception, patience and guidance….all just as important as a basic look or talent. Our Artist Development Group works meticulously on each and every facet of an artist’s presentation; from communication skills i.e. vocal and instrument performance abilities, lyrical content execution to financial management skills, contract literacy, investment v. return analysis and media exposure.
Our business model is structured so that each side can measure progress in definable steps, allowing continual evaluation of the progress in relation to the goal pre established by the artist and the development group. Deviations from that goal are quickly identified and corrected. This allows those with limited high level exposure to the entertainment industry to continually evaluate their personal commitment to and complete each stage of the process with a clear understanding of  what they need to succeed, or if necessary the decision to select another career choice.
Golden Globe Award Winner Brian Byrne conducts the RTE Orchestra for a Presence Artist Development Client ©2013
The Presence Studios Artist Development process was created by owner/producer  Jon Russell in response to the many inquiries into his 35 year career experiences working with, for and alongside many of the most prominent names in the entertainment world. The process is pragmatic, brutally honest and in no way provides false expectations to participants while simultaneously bringing to light the small amount of special talents who truly have the necessary attributes and skills to achieve success in the worlds most difficult and rewarding industry.
Artists are qualified based on a defined list of criteria including obvious marketability and musical and theatrical presence, to experience and business sophistication of the artist’s support teams be they parents, benefactors or management teams. Each and every artist and their parents (if under 18 years of age) selected is exposed to a rigorous interview process, where no question is left unanswered. Any apprehension on the part of the artist or their support team is identified and noted and factored into the groups decision for candidate acceptance.
Goals are very specific short term while being general in nature long term. This allows artists with exceptional talents and abilities to proceed based on their abilities and not follow a “one size fits all” process.
PDG Helicopter Pilot Steve Dean reviews Safety Procedures prior to takeoff with Presence Videographer Aaron Russell during client music video filming over Edinburgh, Scotland ©2013

Range of growth:

Ultimately, the artist development group prepares a talented individual for World Class

exposure and presentation. This includes but is not limited to

Writing, producing and recording of songs and material

Video creation, direction, filming and editing

World Class performance set including musicians, sound and lighting, choreography

Custom wardrobe creation

Promotional materials, media kits, on-camera interview training

Domestic and International Travel preparation and co-ordination

Training on cutting edge accounting and financial tracking software

Branding and co-branding of artist imagery with applicable corporate sponsors.

Application requirements:

Applicant must provide video link of live performance along with contact information of artist’s business representative and legal guardians to:

Please insert “Artist Development Application” in the subject line. You will receive a notice from us verifying receipt of your material. Upon review we will notify any and all prospective clients directly for further interviews. As a result of the time intensive work in reviewing applications we ask that you please do not solicit via telephone, personal visit or email requests.

All material submitted should have copyright protection.
Presence Studios accepts no liability for material received that is not properly protected under U.S. Copyright laws